AXN 9pm tonight!

It’s the Amazing Race Asia Season3 finale! I’ll make sure to catch it hihihi. It’s Malaysia/Hongkong/Philippines battling for the grand prize. Go Ida & Tania! Hope the girls will be the first team to reach the finishing mat and bring home USD100k woohoo! Sam & Vince were nice too, don’t mind if they win oso. Hope Geoff will made it last coz i just #@&* him.. huahuahua

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One Response to AXN 9pm tonight!

  1. ashka says:

    frust tak? heheheheh.. tapi nasib baik geoff&tisha tak menang.
    tapikan somehow aku cam ada instinct b4 tuh yang m’sian team dapat 3rd. based on theory: 1st season m’sian team menang.. 2nd season jadik runner up.. haha nanti next year dah tak top 3 dah!

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