RWP KL-Cherating Treasure Hunt 2008


Had a real fun weekend breakaway to the east coast. Hahah! This year me n my team secured the 5th place (last year we’re the 1st runner-up). That’s okay. We each brought home a hamper+a hair dryer (what??) without much envy to the champion who won themselves a hamper+a cofee maker (what?what? never dream of having one!) hahaha! I must be proud of my fellow collegue from the Structural dept  as we won the 6th, 5th, 4th and 2nd place. The champion was a team from mechanical dept. Owh credit to them as i got the answer for the last question/treasure from one of their team member (my x school mate) heheheh

The four of us (one is behind camera hahah)

There’re 70 cars/teams hunting. We flagged of from Empire Tower at about 7.45am (the first car arrived to Q at 6.25am!). Each team were given max 7.5 hrs hunting time. The first question was to be answered at Karak Town and the last was at Cherating. In between, we had to treasure in many old town along the way in Pahang such as Mentakab and Temerloh. We had no problem finding our way as we were guided by a set of direction called ‘Tulips’. The joy n fun of the treasure hunt was the part of breaking the code or solving the riddle in the clue given. Eg. “Sound like a local religious man  lost his bike”. All you have to do is to interprete this clue and find the answer which is exactly the sign board of any of the shops within the distance given in the Tulips (err is this too technical??). And if you’re smart enuf, the answer should be ‘Aji-no-moto’ (food seasoning/flavour). Sound easy? How about this “Ada sesuatu tersembunyi di sini. Petua: Awas di celah kaki.” hahaha


Free food stuff!

Free food stuff!

There was an event which demoralised me a bit. I got a summon ticket! Yeah, and that’s for a major offend! Hahaha i had my road tax expired (n my insurance off course!). We got caught in a road-block in Mentakab. I didn’t noticed it as i just took the possession of the Avanza from kampung last fortnight exclusively for the treasure hunt n didn’t even bother to check this n that. Hmm.. lets not talk headache okay.

Leave me alone! Hahaha

Leave me alone! Hahaha

In Cherating, we stayed in Holiday Villa. The waves looked a bit rough so i just dived in the swimming pool with my t-shirt n pants (with my belt on as i don’t bring any proper swim wear). The room was ‘okaylaa’ but the scenery, pokok kelapa and the breezing wind was heavenly relaxing.. It was a total vacation but not for long..



The dinner started late at 8.30pm by the beach.. the music was loud n the performance was boring.. a loud band for a bunch of tourist from metropolitan.. sooooo damned boring.. i want ‘Bale-Bale’ like last year! The food was so tak cukup! There wasn’t any lucky draw so while waiting for the result being announced, me n hubby took a stroll along the beach (away from the dinner area) and found ourselves a perfect bench.. laid down and killed the time massaging each other..

bIg bunny!

bIg bunny!

Dinner and price giving ended at about 11.30pm and after that the joget lambak started.. couldn’t bother,  we went back and tido soundly..


The next day, we made our way back to KL. I didn’t found anything unique n interesting to brought home. We stopped by at Kuantan ‘Sure Heboh’ and had a ‘sup gear box’ for the lunch before headed straight back to KL right after.

Well that’s about this year Treasure Hunt.. see you again next year



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3 Responses to RWP KL-Cherating Treasure Hunt 2008

  1. Lady K says:

    Bestnya! I’m not good at riddles so I’m sure to end up last 😛

    Kan best kalu team building aku treasure hunt. Boringlah team building, aku malas nak join!

  2. mast says:

    huhu.. bestnye kek.. lama dah aku x join treasure hunt ni.. sejak2 dah beranak ni lagi aa.. huhu

  3. tirokwifey says:

    Lady K > yup, treasure hunt is definately a team-building xtvt! Sokong!

    Mast > tau tak team yg dpt 3rd place consist of 3 generations! ada granny, mak ayah n a baby! salute betul kt diorang

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